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Email: Proofreading a business email

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It is very important to proofread a business email before you send it. Errors give a bad impression and make you sound less professional.

Below you will find a sample email with 9 errors in it. Correct as many as you can find and write out the finished, corrected email.

Dear Mr. Jenson:

It was a pleasant to meet you last week at the local Chamber of Commerce lunch. Your description of the work that you're company does was very interesting, and I believe that I could be able to help you. I worked as a freelance designer for several years and many of my clients in the local area and nationwide have been happy with what I did for them. I can provide several references from satisfied clients.

If you would like to discuss this, please call me at 555-555-5555 so we can make a meeting. I look forward to your response

I have been thinking about the problem that you described and believe that I might havea solution for you. I would like to meet with you to explain the idea I have and how we can progress it to benefit your company. I have attached a copy of our broshure.

Catch you later,

Ms. Ahtel

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