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Poligo is a correction service for people learning English. The company was established in March, 2008

To learn more about Poligo's services please take the tour. You can also read our ideas about language learning and how Poligo helps people who wish to improve their English skills.

Poligo's History

Spring, 2007

Having worked as an English teacher in a school in Shinjuku for two amd a half years, Matthew started to have ideas about a service to help his students improve their English skills outside of class.

Summer, 2007

Matthew joined forces with a high school friend Nathan Paterson, who was working in Tokyo doing web design. Together they developed the idea for Poligo and began to build the website.

Spring, 2008 

Poligo Ltd. is incorporated in New Zealand.

Autumn, 2008

Poligo opens for business.

Autumn, 2013

Poligo opens Ask Rabbit, an English Q&A service.

Winter, 2014

Poligo Mark II launches. 


Poligo is a New Zealand-based joint venture between Graphic Alphabet, Inc. and Inkstone Ltd.