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Write an email to your employer explaining why you will be absent from work on Tuesday of next week.

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You are the team leader of a project for a new client. You sent a document to your client with your team's proposal 3 days ago. The client hasn't responded yet. 

Write an email to the client asking if they've read the proposal yet. Ask them to respond by the end of the week.

Meet Meeting Memo Time Handwritten Note Memory

You have run into a problem with a project. Write an email to your supervisor, asking to meet and talk about the problem. 

  • Project: A new product from your company.
  • Your task: Marketing the product by a certain date.
  • Problem: The design of the product has just been changed, so you have to change your advertising plan. You will not be able to meet the deadline.
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Your uncle gave you $50 (€40) for your birthday. Write an email thanking him for the gift.

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You were just matched up with a pen-pal who lives in another country. Write an email introducing yourself and telling them a little bit about your country.

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Your friend's birthday is today. You live too far away to celebrate with them in person. Write an email wishing them a Happy Birthday.

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Situation: Your team, together with a team from another company, have successfully finished a project for a client.

Task: Write an email to the project manager of the other team, thanking the team for their work.

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Situation: You received an email from a valued customer asking for information about your overnight shipping service. For some reason, you didn't read the email.

Task: Write an email apologizing. Then give two pieces of information about your service.

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Situation: You have found a new supplier online that you are interested in.

Task: Write an email requesting information about their product. Make at least 2 requests.

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You have set up a meeting with your project team. Write an email reminding them of the meeting. Include the day, time, place and reason for the meeting.


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