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Two young men sitting by a lake talking

When you make important decisions, who do you talk to? Parents? Spouse? Friends? Who gives the best advice and why?

Would you prefer to go on a trip by car or by train? How come?

birds-eye view of people on a beach with large kite in the foreground

During your free time, do you prefer to participate in some activities or simply rest at home? Why and what do you do in either case?

White man pulling tassel on young White woman's graduation mortarboard to the other side, graduation

Do you think everyone should go to college? Why or why not? Give reasons to support your answer.

staue of lady justice with deep blue sky behind

What do you think of the justice system in your country? Does it work well or not? Explain why you think so.

The word "true" in embellished letters on gold

Honesty is the best policy.

Is that always true? Why or why not?

Teacher, whiteboard, exam

Should students be asked to evaluate their teachers? What would be the benefits of such a system? What would be the downside?

Marching band in costume

Do you think that it is important to participate in extra-curricular activities in addition to regular classes? Why?

Woman before and after cosmetic surgery on her nose

Some people are against the idea of changing one's image with artificial means like surgery. Others think improving your appearance for your own benefit is okay. What do you think about this? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion and give reasons to support your answer.

High school Science Honor Society

Write about the below topic. Do you agree or disagree? Give your reasons.

"Top high school students should be allowed to enter university a year early."


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