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Two White teenage girls studying at a table in a library

Some people prefer to work or study alone while others prefer being in groups. Which do you prefer and why?

Do you learn more from someone telling you about it or doing it yourself? Would you rather have a lecture-based course or a lab-based course? Does it matter what you are learning? Give details.

Young White boy wearing graduation cap, holding notebook, index finger pointing up

Is it better to graduate as fast as possible and get out into the workforce, or should you take your time with your studies and put graduation out of your mind? Imagine you are advising your child. What would you tell them?

Woman learning trapeze with man catching her

If you have to learn something new, do you prefer easy things with less responsibility or a challenging task that brings greater rewards? Why?

word "future" in black capital letters on a blue background

If you could know about one thing in 50 years, what would it be? Why are you interested in that?

Young business woman with head in hands at computer

If someone like your boss or teacher makes a mistake, would you point it out or let it go? Why? How would you deal with the situation?

Buddhist teacher and monk

Who is the person you respect most? Talk about them and explain why you respect them.

bride, groom, Japan, wedding, young people

Do you agree that it is best to marry and have kids before 30? Why or why not?


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