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People in an art gallery, one young woman sitting on the floor in front of a painting while others walk past

Who is your favourite artist? Describe his or her work and why you like it. What makes this artist's work more impressive than the work of other artists?

Flags of different nations flying in a deep blue sky

What makes you most proud about your country? What is the greatest thing about the people and the place that you call home? Describe it in detail and say why you feel that way.

Woman holding protest sign at rally

What aspect of your country's politics worries you the most? Explain the issue and why it is problematic. Also outline a proposal to deal with the issue.

Woman tourist taking a photo of ancient ruins

What country do you really want to visit? Why do you want to go there? What would you do there if you went?

Polaroid pictures spelling "important" tacked to white background

What was the most significant event in your life so far? Why? What were the consequences of it? How would your life have been different if it had never happened?

Silhouettes of people playing beach volleyball at sunset

Think about your favourite sport. What aspect of that sport do you most like? What is the thing about that sport that makes it different from all the others?

Two-person kayaking in the Maldives

What sports do you like to play? What sports do you most like to watch? Why?


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