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Silhouettes of people playing beach volleyball at sunset

Think about your favourite sport. What aspect of that sport do you most like? What is the thing about that sport that makes it different from all the others?

Two young girls swimming and splashing

If you had the time and the money, what would be your dream vacation? You can go anywhere and do anything!

Sack race, children

Tell a story about what you used to like to do when you were a kid. Start it like this:

When I was a kid, I used to...

Buddhist teacher and monk

Who is the person you respect most? Talk about them and explain why you respect them.

Man carrying child with another baby on his shoulders

What kind of person is your father? Write about him.

Tracks in the snow

QUESTION 3: Describe a picture

DIRECTIONS: Describe the picture in as much detail as you can.


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