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About Me

Summarize the story of your favourite book or movie. The more details the better!

What was the most significant event in your life so far? Why? What were the consequences of it? How would your life have been different if it had never happened?

Two-person kayaking in the Maldives

What sports do you like to play? What sports do you most like to watch? Why?

To make a decision, do you follow your feelings and go by intuition, or do you try to collect as much information as you can and decide once you have made a complete analysis of the facts?

Person lying on a couch with a book in front of their face

Do you like living alone or do you prefer to live with family, friends or roommates? How come? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each case?

Some people like to go to the movies. Some people like to stay home and watch a movie on TV. Which do you prefer and why?

Are you a careful planner? Or do you like to do things at the last minute? Why do you prefer doing things that way?

When you travel, do you spend more on hotels, food or experiences? What makes for a good holiday in your opinion?

Are you the kind of person who saves for something, or would you just take out a loan or use your credit card? Why? Which would you recommend to another person? 


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