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About Me

Who is your favourite artist? Describe his or her work and why you like it. What makes this artist's work more impressive than the work of other artists?

What is your favourite season? Why do you like it? Why is it better than the others?

Did you have a bad day recently? What happened? Imagine you are telling your friend about it.

Who makes you really furious or angry? Why do you not get along with this person? What do they do that get on your nerves? Get it all off your chest!

What's your favourite animal? Why do you like it so much? Describe the creature.

Who do you most admire? It can be someone famous or someone you know. Describe that person and why you think so highly of them.

Various national flags against the sky

What makes you most proud about your country? What is the greatest thing about the people and the place that you call home? Describe it in detail and say why you feel that way.

Woman tourist taking a photo of ancient ruins

What country do you really want to visit? Why do you want to go there? What would you do there if you went?


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