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About Me

If you have to learn something new, do you prefer easy things with less responsibility or a challenging task that brings greater rewards? Why?

If someone like your boss or teacher makes a mistake, would you point it out or let it go? Why? How would you deal with the situation?

Who is the person you respect most? Talk about them and explain why you respect them.

Do you agree that it is best to marry and have kids before 30? Why or why not?

When you make important decisions, who do you talk to? Parents? Spouse? Friends? Who gives the best advice and why?

Would you prefer to go on a trip by car or by train? How come?

During your free time, do you prefer to participate in some activities or simply rest at home? Why and what do you do in either case?

Two young women eating popcorn with one of them grabbing popcorn out of the other's bucket

Do you have to deal with difficult people? Who is a difficult person in your life? How do they make you feel? What do they make you do? How do you cope?


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