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About Me

Treasure chest open with gold light shining out

What is your most important possession? Describe it and why it is worth everything to you.

What does Christmas mean to you? Do you celebrate? What do you do?

Group of children sitting on the edge of a pool by a beach splashing with their feet

What is your happiest childhood memory? Describe it in detail. Say what happened, and try to say how you felt then and how you feel now looking back.

Two young African women friends

Who is your best friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known each other? Why are you friends? What do you like about your friend? What do you think your friend likes about you?

Irish setter dog lying under a juniper bush

What is your favourite place to go on the weekend? Say why it is your favourite place. What do you like about it? What do you do there?

What career advice would you give your past self? Imagine you have the chance to tell yourself what to do and what to study. What would you say and why?

Train track junction where one branch splits off from another

What was the moment that your life changed forever? What happened? How is your life different now? What did you think and feel? Do you wish you could go back?

Growing up, I always wanted to be either an astronaut or Peter Pan. What did you always want to be? What do you do now? How close are you to your dream?

Start like this: 

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a...

If you could work for fun and not for money, what would you do? Why?


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