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My son the photographer

A picture of me playing guitar after work, taken by Yuzo.

We gave my son a point-and-shoot camera. He's been taking some interesting photos around the house.

It seems my son, Yuzo, is a budding photographer. He's just three and a half years old. We gave him an old point-and-shoot camera we had. He's been snapping away for the last few weeks. I finally downloaded the photos to my computer and took a look. There were lots of interesting shots, and I was surprised by his perspective on the world.

He took this photo of me in our kitchen one morning. I think I must seem huge to him. 

It was also fascinating to see what he thinks is interesting. There were lots of close-up photos of strange things around the house, and of his toys and his room.

He even figured out how to take a selfie. He seems very serious and artistic to me, but I am his proud father!

budding — just beginning and showing signs of talent and skill
point-and-shoot camera — an automatic camera
snapping away — continuously taking pictures
perspective — way of looking at things
fascinating — deeply interesting
figured out — discover or learn by experiment and thinking

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Submitted by taichi on

Hello Matthew,

How adorable your son is! He has a talent of photographer, doesn’t he?

Matthew looks like a giant. It is interesting to know how child look at us. 

Have a nice day.


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Submitted by Matthew on

Thanks for your comment, Taichi. He really makes every day happy and bright. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw his picture. It's very interesting to see the world from his point of view.

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