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Matthew's diary

A night view of Auckland city
After 12 years away, I am going home on Wednesday.
Poligo was a good idea, but I had no idea how to do. But I knew someone who did!
People ask me a lot why we made Poligo. I thought I should write the story here, and see what you think about the history of Poligo.
A picture of my sleeping baby
Sorry I disappeared at the end of February. We had a surprise arrival!
A moquito
What it is like to be in Brazil, with a pregnant wife and a scary disease!
I have been unbelievably busy for the last few months, but I am back, baby!
Last week, I moved 1,000 km to a new city and a new apartment.
Eleven years ago today, I left New Zealand for Japan.
Look what I found at my local supermarket! My favourite Japanese beer. And drinking it sent me back in time.
New Zealand is choosing a new flag, and so far the results are a disaster.


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