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Beer time warp

By Matthew, September 27 2015, 02:58

Perfect after a long day at work

Look what I found at my local supermarket! My favourite Japanese beer. And drinking it sent me back in time.

I have not drunk a Japanese beer for more than four years. It's very hard to find any Japanese beers in Brazil outside Japantown. But the other day, I found my favourite Japanese beer at the local supermarket!  Ichiban-shibori!

After work last night, I sat down for what I call my "otsukare biiru". With one swig, I was instantly transported back ten years to when I worked in Shinjuku. Tastes and smells are very powerful like that. It was a real blast from the past. I used to finish work at 11pm in those days. My friend, Joe, and I would go to the convenience store and get a drink. He always drank happoushuu, which I detest. I used to get a Kirin or a Suntory Malts. We would talk about work and life for an hour or so, then we'd catch the last train home. 

That beer made me very nostalgic. I miss Japan... These Japanese beers are a time warp!

swig — a large gulp of a drink
like that — in that way
blast from the past — something powerfully nostalgic
detest — hate
nostalgic — a happy feeling about the past
time warp — a feeling where time seems to stop or go backwards

Grammar note: Notice here how I use "used to" and "would" to talk about past habits — the things I always did in the past. Why not write about what you used to do ten years ago?

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