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A new person

A picture of my sleeping baby
Sorry I disappeared at the end of February. We had a surprise arrival!

On the 22nd of February my second son, Leon Haru (陽*) was born. He was about three weeks early! My wife went into labour on Sunday, and he was born on Monday night.

After an uncomfortable Sunday afternoon and night, we went to see our doctor on Monday morning. He examined my wife and said, "I have no doubt that you are in labour. Let's meet at the hospital at 5 p.m." It was only 10.30 in the morning. He told us to go home, get our things and come to the hospital in the evening.

I was very surprised! This is not what happens on T.V. It was not like in the movies. There is supposed to be an emergency, and my wife should be screaming in pain. It was very un-dramatic. The doctor was very relaxed. It was a bit surreal.

We arrived at the hospital and checked in at 4 p.m. At 5.59 p.m., my son was delivered. My wife had a caesarean. It is very common to have a caesarean section here in Brazil instead of natural childbirth. I watched. It was incredible.

Both my son and wife are happy and healthy. My older boy likes his new brother very much. This is me, Thomas and Leon:

I disappeared for a little while from Poligo. Sorry about that! I was pretty busy. But now I am back. See you soon!

Labour—the process by which a woman gives birth to a baby.
Go into labour—start to have a baby.
In labour—having a baby.
Surreal—very strange and unreal; like a dream.
Dramatic—showing a lot of emotion; attracting attention; sudden & extreme.
Deliver—give birth to a baby.
Caesarean—surgery to deliver a baby. Also "c-section" or "caesarean section".
Pretty—quite; very.

* Almost everyone in my wife's family has a Japanese name and a Brazilian name. We decided to continue this tradition because we met in Japan and Japan is very important in our family. Thomas' Japanese name is 優蔵. We chose 陽 because "Haru" is a Maori name. That way, Leon has a connection to Japan, Brazil and New Zealand.

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    I specialize in teaching English to professionals and English teachers. I have taught English since 2001 in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil. I speak Japanese & Portuguese. I am the founder of Poligo and The English Farm (an online school for business English).

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