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It is difficult to know if a noun is countable or uncountable, but there are some ways to guess and some rules to help you.
Learn about a rarely used, odd-looking, formal expression that seems like bad grammar.
A  boy wearing glasses
When we are talking about countable things, we can use ONE or ONES if it is clear what we are talking about.
A  boy wearing glasses
同じ数えられる名詞を繰り返し使う場合、そしてはっきり同じ名詞だとわかる場合は ONE または ONESに置き換えることができます
A pair of bee-eaters
Usually you can use A/AN or ONE if you are talking about one thing, but in some cases we prefer ONE.
A pair of bee-eaters
何か(数えられる名詞)について話をするとき、たいていA/AN または ONEを使えばOKですが、場合によってはONEがよりよいこともあります。
A close up of a clock
We use A and AN in some fixed expressions to mean "one".
A man throwing a red umbrella in the air
We choose A or AN based on sound NOT spelling.
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