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Business trade fair

You recently visited a business tech trade fair and are very interested SimpleTalk, a product that simplifies business answering systems. You would like to purchase a SimpleTalk system for all four branches of your company.

Write an email to the vendor requesting information and setting up a time to talk further.

Red pen lying on paper with corrections to text

It is very important to proofread a business email before you send it. Errors give a bad impression and make you sound less professional.

Below you will find a sample email with 9 errors in it. Correct as many as you can find and write out the finished, corrected email.

Dear Mr. Jenson:

It was a pleasant to meet you last week at the local Chamber of Commerce lunch. Your description of the work that you're company does was very interesting, and I believe that I could be able to help you. I worked as a freelance designer for several years and many of my clients in the local area and nationwide have been happy with what I did for them. I can provide several references from satisfied clients.

If you would like to discuss this, please call me at 555-555-5555 so we can make a meeting. I look forward to your response

I have been thinking about the problem that you described and believe that I might havea solution for you. I would like to meet with you to explain the idea I have and how we can progress it to benefit your company. I have attached a copy of our broshure.

Catch you later,

Ms. Ahtel

Laptop computer, password protection

You are the CSO (Chief Security Officer) of a digital products manufacturer. Recently there has been a breach of security by an outside hacker. In response to this threat, you are asking all employees to change their passwords. 

Write a company-wide email to explain the situation and request the change in passwords.

Blue car, station wagon, for sale sign

You are the owner of a car that you want to sell for $4000. You've put an ad in the local paper, and someone has emailed you for more information. Respond to their email (below), answering their questions and providing any other information that might help persuade them to purchase the car.

To: Car owner
From: Shana Lewis
Subject: Your car for sale
Sent: August 21

I saw your ad in the paper about your car for sale. Can you give me some more information about it? How old is it? How many miles (km) does it have on it? Are there any things that will need to be repaired right away? I'd also like to know if the price is negotiable.

Thank you for your attention.

Shana Lewis


Calculator and notepad placed over stack of USA dollars

The graph below shows the average wages for salaried and full-time workers in the U.S.

  1. Describe the information in the graph. What does it tell you?
  2. Why might it be important to have this data? Who might want to know, and how would they use it?

"Future Shop" storefront

How have shopping habits changed over recent years? Describe how people used to shop compared to how they shop now. Who benefits from these changes? Who is hurt by them?

Be sure to use specific examples to support your answer.

Four women standing by an automobile  in the 1920s

Tell a story about this picture. Who are these women? Where do they live? What year is it? What are they doing?

Write at least one paragraph (100-125 words). Be creative!

Young White female medical assistant viewing a small slide

FROM: Marguerite LeBron
TO: Mr. Geoffrey Harris
SUBJECT: Job posting

Dear Mr. Harris: I saw your job posting for a licensed medical assistant. I recently relocated from Paris and need to find work. I received my license from the Bureau de Médecin in 2011 and have kept it up to date since then. If the position is still open, I would like very much to apply. Please let me know what other information you need.

Thank you for your attention,
Marguerite LeBron

[Respond to Marguerite as though you are Geoffrey Harris, HR Manager at a London hospital. Be sure to address her questions and make at least two requests for more information from her.]

Woman screaming at laptop

TO: Ajax Computer Corp.
FROM: Katya Karnov
SUBJECT: Broken computer

I am writing to request a replacement for a computer I bought a year ago that has already stopped working. I took it to the repair shop and they said it was a problem with the motherboard and would cost so much to fix, I might as well get a new computer. I've lost the original receipt but I did buy the extended warranty plan so I should be able to get it replaced. Please let me know how to exchange this one for a new one that works.


[You are a customer service representative at Ajax Computer Corp. Decide whether or not you will exchange Katya's computer for a new one, then write her an email explaining your choice. Give two reasons, and instructions about what to do next.]

two champagne glasses touching, gold bokeh background

Hello, Cyril! I hope you'll be able to join us for Estelle's retirement party on September 30. We're meeting at the Elks Lodge for dinner at 7:00 PM. The menu selections are grilled chicken, steak, salmon with lemon butter, or vegetarian lasagna (made with almond cheese for vegans). Please let us know if you're planning to attend, how many people you're bringing, and your meal selection(s).

RSVP by September 23 so we can let the caterers know how many meals to prepare.


(Respond to the email as if you are Cyril. In your email, make two requests and explain one problem.)


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