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Traditional Buddhist wedding in Japan

TOPIC: Is marriage becoming less important today than it was in the past?

  • Write an essay on the given topic.
  • Give THREE reasons to support your answer.
  • Structure: Introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Suggested length: 200–240 words.
White woman, laptop, work, pajamas, window, typing, computer, technology, people, girl

You were just matched up with a pen-pal who lives in another country. Write an email introducing yourself and telling them a little bit about your country.

Paper star hanging in front of blurred strings of lights

Which is your favorite holiday in your country?

Use lots of vivid details and reasoning in your answer. (See Examples and hints.)

Fireworks in front of the Emirates Palace Hotel, UAE

Talk about the different national holidays in your country. Which is your favourite? Why? What happens on that day?

What are the traditional crafts in your country? Which is your favourite and why? Did you ever think about learning one?

Overhead view of students at work in a large university library

What do you think of the university system in your country? Do people study hard enough? Do universities produce good graduates that contribute to your society? Do you have any criticisms of the system? What are the strengths of the system?

Torn flag artwork

What is the most serious issue facing your country today? What should be done to resolve this issue?

Statue of King Kamehameha in Hawaii

Who is a national hero in your country? What did this person do? Tell the story of the person's deeds and life.

Flags of different nations flying in a deep blue sky

What makes you most proud about your country? What is the greatest thing about the people and the place that you call home? Describe it in detail and say why you feel that way.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi in garden

What was the most important historical event in your country? Describe what happened and why it is so important.


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