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Train track junction where one branch splits off from another

What was the moment that your life changed forever? What happened? How is your life different now? What did you think and feel? Do you wish you could go back?

Baseball pitcher in wind-up

Argue for or against this position:

Professional sportspeople get paid too much.

Student in library with book

Some parents tell their children which school he or she should enter and what to learn there. Others say to their kids that they should study what they are interested in and make their own choices. Which kind of education is effective? Explain your reasons.

Small white hedgehog

What's your favourite animal? Why do you like it so much? Describe the creature.

What aspect of your country's politics worries you the most? Explain the issue and why it is problematic. Also outline a proposal to deal with the issue.

Polaroid pictures spelling "important" tacked to white background

What was the most significant event in your life so far? Why? What were the consequences of it? How would your life have been different if it had never happened?


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