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Daily life

bent paperclips on notepaper

Question: List 10 things you could do with a paper clip besides clip papers together.

This is a typical job interview question. Write your answer as though you are in an actual interview.

woman man desk business light diversity

Question: Tell me something about yourself.

This is a common question in a job interview. It is often the first question asked. You need to make a good first impression. Write the answer you would give to the interviewer.

small urban park at night

If you could change one thing in your neighborhood, what would it be?

comfy studio apartment interior

What do you like and dislike about the house or apartment you live in?

woman in colorful sari looking at cellphone, blurred landscape in background

What is your favorite app, and why is it your favorite?

three children sit and watch old tv set

How do (or would) you prevent your children from spending too much time watching TV and videos?


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