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Brazilian Beach Security

A beach house with a sign in front saying, "Danger! Don't step on the plants. Venomous spiders!"

Danger! Don't step on the plants. Venomous spiders!

Poisonous spiders for security at the beach?

I went to the beach this week on my day off. I was hoping to go surfing, but the waves were too big and the weather was terrible. Instead, I went for a long walk down the beach. At the far end, I found a lot of huge, expensive-looking beach houses.

Because this is Brazil, I expected that there would be a lot of security. Every house had surveillance cameras. Some houses were surrounded by high walls. But other houses had found a different solution for keeping out unwanted guests. In front of some of the houses, there was a strip of plants, and in those plants was a sign that said, "Danger. Don't step on the plants. Venomous spiders."

I guess spiders are cheaper to feed than a guard dog!

surveillance cameras — security cameras
venomous — poisonous

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