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How to send your writing

1. Go to My Page.

2. Click the "Write" button

There is also a link to the writing page in the top menu.

3. Write your sentences

Please include a message for your teacher in English.

  1. Write a title, a message to the teacher and your sentences.
  2. The system shows you how many characters you write and how many points you have.
  3. You can attach a picture if you think it will help.
  4. When you are finished, click "save" to save your writing.

Your writing is now saved. You have not sent your writing to be checked you. There is one more step. With your work saved, you can work on it again later. You can find your writing in the "Drafts" section of your Poligo homepage (My Page).

4. Send your writing

If you want to change something, click "edit" (1). If your writing is ready to check, click the big blue button to send it to Poligo (2).

5. Wait for feedback

After you have sent your sentences to Poligo, you can check the status on your Poligo homepage (My Page). A teacher will check your sentences, and when they finish, Poligo will send you an email. Checks usually take less than 12 hours. We promise it will never be more than 24 hours, or you will get your points back.