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Athletic shoe dissolving into paint splatters

Write a product description for new athletic shoes. The ad will appear on an online shopping site that sells sports equipment. You are limited to 50–75 words.

First, create a name for the shoes.

Then, write a sales pitch describing the shoes. Use these words in your description:

  • state-of-the-art
  • turbo-charged
  • unbelievable
Olympics ad, Coca-Cola, stylized figure skater, white on red

Agree or disagree: The Olympics have become too commercialized. 

Write a 200–240 word essay on the topic. Give three reasons to support your answer.

Baseball pitcher in wind-up

Argue for or against this position:

Professional sportspeople get paid too much.

Man doing the breaststroke in a swimming pool

Why do we play sports? What are the reasons for or against sports on an individual or social level? Do we need sports?

Think about your favourite sport. What aspect of that sport do you most like? What is the thing about that sport that makes it different from all the others?

Two-person kayaking in the Maldives

What sports do you like to play? What sports do you most like to watch? Why?

Do you think professional sports are a waste of money?

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