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Payment currency to change to USD; prices changing. From June 24th. Read more.


Intersection with cars, trucks, and buses

The graph below shows vehicles counted at an intersection over a 4-minute span of time. 

First, describe the information in the graph. What does it tell you?

Then talk about why it might be important to have this data. Who might want to know? How would they use it?


[Graph by Jimmie via Flickr]

Word cloud of UN article about global protests

Above is a Wordle™ * of a news article. Summarize the article by interpreting the words and frequencies shown.

*A Wordle™ takes all the words in a text and arranges them randomly. The size of the word shows the frequency with which it appears—larger words appear more often.

Older man reading a book with stacks of books in the background

Tell us about your favourite book. What's so great about it? What is it about? Summarize the story and talk about the characters. Does it have a special message? What is it?

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