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Some large companies are making the switch to English as the official in-house language. What do you think about it? What are the pitfalls of such a move? What is to be gained? Would you like for your company to have such a policy?

Do you think that 3D is better than regular movies? Why or why not?

What are the traditional crafts in your country? Which is your favourite and why? Did you ever think about learning one?

Do you believe in second chances? Or do you think that some mistakes are too big to forgive?

Why do you think people commit crime? What makes a person commit a crime? How many different reasons can you think of? What should be done to reduce crime?

Do you think people are naturally selfish or altruistic? Why? Use evidence to support your position. Don't forget to think about the counter-argument. Make sure you refute it.

Argue for or against this position:

Professional sportspeople get paid too much.

Why do we play sports? What are the reasons for or against sports on an individual or social level? Do we need sports?


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