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Organizational structure on blackboard with stick people

Describe the structure of the place where you work. How do you fit into that structure? What is your role in what the organization does?

Fictional CVs of Arnold Schwarznegger and James Bond

Write about the jobs you have had: your responsibilities, your achievements and how you felt about them.

Young man working at an office desk

What was your first job after you graduated from university? Did your university studies prepare you for it?

Group of young businesspeople working together at table with computers

Why did you choose to do this job, or why did you join your company? What do you hope to achieve? What motivates you to work?

Silhouette of men climbing rails in obstacle course

Which companies are your biggest competitors? How does your company compare? Why would a customer or client choose your product or service and not that of your competitor?

Exterior of high-rise office building at night

What does your company do? Explain your business and your company's position in the market. What are your company's strengths and weaknesses?

Sign on metal box along the street that says "Living abroad makes everything an adventure"

Do you think it is worthwhile to spend time living in another country? Is it something everyone should do? Explain the benefits of living abroad. Is there a downside (negative point)?

World times shown on 4 clocks on a wall

Would you like to live abroad in the future to work or study? Where would you choose to go and why?

Young woman looking out a window through venetian blinds

Some people who have lived in another country have trouble when they come home. What kind of problems do these people have and why? Could these troubles be beneficial to the individual or their society?


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