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Man giving money to a beggar on the street

Do the rich have a responsibility to help the poor in society?

Paper star hanging in front of blurred strings of lights

Which is your favorite holiday in your country?

Use lots of vivid details and reasoning in your answer. (See Examples and hints.)

Cellphone with dictionary entry for "design"

Some large companies are making the switch to English as the official in-house language. What do you think about it? What are the pitfalls of such a move? What is to be gained? Would you like for your company to have such a policy?

arrow sign "second chance" with woman in background, brown on orange

Do you believe in second chances? Or do you think that some mistakes are too big to forgive?

Homeless man holding sign "Seeking human kindness"

Do you think people are naturally selfish or altruistic? Why? Use evidence to support your position. Don't forget to think about the counterargument. Make sure you refute it.

Business professional mentoring another

Do you have a mentor? Or do you mentor someone? Write about the process. Is it effective? How can it improve?

Career Services storefront

Outline the typical career path for someone in your company.

Help Wanted sign on shop door

What kinds of skills or personality traits does your company look for in new staff? Write about the ideal person for your company.


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