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calculator and pen on top of account ledger

What did your parents teach you about money? How did they do it? Do you agree now with what they taught you? 

What will you teach (or have you taught) your children about money? How?

Man holding his head in despair by a laptop computer

CLAIM: Schools and universities have a responsibility to discourage students from pursuing fields in which they are not likely to be successful.

Write an essay explaining how much you agree and/or disagree with this claim. Be sure to give specific evidence and reasoning to support your opinion.


people at long table in restaurant

Write about some good restaurants near your office or your home. Imagine you are telling someone who asks about a place to eat.

Do you know any good restaurants near here?

man holding wallet with cash and credit card

Are you the kind of person who saves for something, or would you just take out a loan or use your credit card? Why? Which would you recommend to another person? 

Young White boy wearing graduation cap, holding notebook, index finger pointing up

Is it better to graduate as fast as possible and get out into the workforce, or should you take your time with your studies and put graduation out of your mind? Imagine you are advising your child. What would you tell them?

Two young men sitting by a lake talking

When you make important decisions, who do you talk to? Parents? Spouse? Friends? Who gives the best advice and why?

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