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Farewell, James; Hello, Homam!

By Matthew, December 22 2023, 11:41
James is moving on, and Homam will be in charge.

2023 is nearly over! I can't believe how fast that year went!

James has decided to resign. He's got an amazing new job. We wish him well.

Homam will be taking over as James's position. Here's a message from Homam:

Hey everyone,

I'm Homam, one of the teachers at Poligo. I Just wanted to give you a heads up: James is moving on to new things, and I'm taking over as Operations Manager.

We've got some interesting changes and updates in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for announcements on our website!

Best, Homam

We will also be announcing our New Year sale soon!

Thank you always for your support.

Kind regards,

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    About me
    I am from New Zealand. I lived in Japan and Brazil for a long time, but now I am back home in Auckland. I am the founder of Poligo. I like to play guitar and video games and surf when I get the chance. I have a wife and two boys.
    I specialize in teaching English to professionals and English teachers. I have taught English since 2001 in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil. I speak Japanese & Portuguese. I am the founder of Poligo and The English Farm (an online school for business English).


toshiko's picture
Submitted by toshiko on

Dear Matthew san,



Thank you always for everything you have done for us.


Having been studying the translation of such a thing as medical documents and e-mail for trading, I had had James check my writing.

He always gave me careful and precise advice I just wanted to know, which was very understandable to me. I'm sad that I couldn’t ask the advice any more, but I hope he is doing well and enjoying his new job and being successful.

I would be happy if you could convey my thanks and support to him.

In addition, would you mind telling him I will also be working for a CRO in Osaka from January next year, please?


Best regards,


Matthew's picture
Submitted by Matthew on

Hello Toshiko,

I am so sorry. I did not see your message. I must have missed it in the rush before Christmas. I have passed on your comment to James.

Best regards,

Kumiko Suzuki's picture

It's so sad that I didn't even have a chance to say bye to James before he left. However, I can tell that he's got an amazing new job because he was always so keen and wonderful teacher!

I used to request him to check my assessments quite often, but since a couple of years ago, I've been away from my uni study due to work and have stopped using Poligo since then.

Today I suddenly thought about James and felt like learning from him again, but too late.. I wish I logged in Poligo earlier!

If you have a chance to talk with him, please say hello to him :)


Matthew's picture
Submitted by Matthew on

Hi Kumiko,

Thanks for letting me know. I am still in contact with James, so I will pass your kind words on to him.

All the best,

toshiko's picture
Submitted by toshiko on

I really appreciate Mattew-san conveyed my message to James-san.
I would like to keep studying English here .
Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Matthew's picture
Submitted by Matthew on

Hi Toshiko,

Thanks for your message. I have passed this on too. I hope you have a great week!

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