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Price change November 10th

By Matthew, October 31 2015, 20:16
Package discounts on Poligo are changing in November. For the next six months, Poligo members will be able to get 10% off the new prices.

Hello everyone,

From the 10th of November, we are changing the prices a little bit. There is no change in the base point price (¥2/character). In fact, we are just reducing the discount on the package prices. For example, the old PRO package got you a 50% discount on points. We have reduced that to 30%.

Below is a table of the new prices and discounts.

New price ¥7,400 ¥13,600 ¥16,800
Value ¥8,000 ¥16,000 ¥24,000
Price per point ¥1.85 ¥1.7 ¥1.4
Discount 7.5% 15% 30%

Original Poligo members will be able to get a discount on the new prices from the 10th of November. We emailed you all the discount code. Use the code when you pay to get 10% off. If you did not get the message, let me know and we will send it again.

We apologise for any inconvenience this change causes. We value you your support and look forward to helping you with your English writing in the future.

In other news, at the beginning of December I am quitting my main teaching job so I can concentrate 100% on Poligo and The English Farm. I will be introducing some new features and writing a lot more content. We also have some new people joining the team. I’ll introduce them in another post.

Thanks a lot for your support and co-operation. Leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.


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