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How to use Poligo

By Matthew, September 23 2013, 03:25

Less is more 

Set a time limit (say 10 or 15 minutes). Try to write as much as you can in that time limit, but do it every day. Make a regular habit of using English so that you improve faster and learn more. Don't try to write too much—it will take too long and you will probably give up!


Try to interact with Poligo as much as you can. Comment on content. Reply to the teacher and ask them questions. Don't be shy.

We can recommend content

There is a lot of content on Poligo, but we don't think you need to read it all. When you write or ask questions, we will recommend content for you to study. Let us guide your learning.

What to write

You can write anything on Poligo. We will check it for you happily. Here are some ideas about what to write:

  • a life script—a list of sentences about things you do every day.
    For example: "I take the train to work"; or "I go out to dinner with my friends".
  • your diary—more than the life script, it is the story of what you did today in detail.
    For example: "Today, I had dinner with my friend"; or "This morning, the train was late so my boss got angry at me."
  • your journal—your thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings.
    For example: "I really love listening to music. It is so relaxing..."
  • writing dialogues—short conversations for situations you are often in.
    For example: 
    Shop assistant: Can I help you? 
    Me: Yes. Do you have this in yellow?
  • essays on a theme—choose a topic and write what you can.
    For example, "I think that smartphones are bad for kids. I have three reasons for this..."

On the homepage, you will see some random ideas for topics to write about. Try them!

You should write about things that are important to you, because they are connected to your life, or because you care about them. It will help you remember English better.

You can also use Poligo for other writing practice or tasks:

  • English exam practice.
  • Writing emails to colleagues or clients.
  • Practising grammar and new language.
  • Ask how to use words.
  • Check if your sentence is correct.
  • Find out what things mean or their nuance.
  • Ask what you should say in a situation.
  • Ask how to say something naturally.
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    I specialize in teaching English to professionals and English teachers. I have taught English since 2001 in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil. I speak Japanese & Portuguese. I am the founder of Poligo and The English Farm (an online school for business English).

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