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February winner: Mutokazu!

Mutokazu was the winner in February. He wrote more than 6,000 characters!

Well done to Mutokazu. He won the book in February. It was a very close run competition.

This is what Mutokazu had to say:

Really happy to win the writing competition! Yes, I got the book!

Every time I use Poligo, I learn something new.
I have been using Poligo since 2011.
The advice from the teachers on Poligo is always accurate and easy to understand.
I’d like to say thank you to all the teachers.
I will continue to use Poligo :)
If there is another writing competition, I will aim to be the winner again.

Here are the top ten writers from February. Well done to all of you!

  1. mutokazu
  2. purrlie
  4. Rio
  5. tatsuki1730
  6. mekkan
  7. yasuko
  8. note0321
  9. piyoko
  10. harunosuke

Maybe one of you can win next time! 

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