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Check your tweets free!

If you use Twitter, you can get your tweets checked for free. Yup! Free!

Do you use Twitter to practice English? A lot of people use hashtags like #twinglish, #engpls and #eigodewa to practice writing in English. Just use the hashtag #Poligo on your tweet (or send your tweet to @Poligo and we’ll correct if for you).

If you are on Twitter, try it now. Send a tweet to @Poligo with the hashtag #Poligo and your sentence.

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Be part of our community, and join other people like you who love English and love to write, like this guy:

“The only way to get good at writing English is to write a lot. It’s essential to write without fear of making mistakes, but at the same time you have to get professional corrections. That is because mistakes become bad habits. And that is why a service like Poligo is useful. For a fair price, you can get the English you write checked promptly. I myself use Poligo all the time. It’s a really useful service and packed with great advice.”

— Tetsuya Yasukochi, teacher & Poligo user

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    I am from New Zealand. I lived in Japan and Brazil for a long time, but now I am back home in Auckland. I am the founder of Poligo. I like to play guitar and video games and surf when I get the chance. I have a wife and two boys.
    I specialize in teaching English to professionals and English teachers. I have taught English since 2001 in Japan, New Zealand and Brazil. I speak Japanese & Portuguese. I am the founder of Poligo and The English Farm (an online school for business English).

Try Poligo now for free

Get help with your English writing from professional teachers 24 hours a day. We'll correct your writing and give you lots of useful advice and feedback. Poligo's service is super fast — if you don't get help in less than 24 hours, you get your money back. It's free to join & new members get 500 characters of writing checked for free.

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  • Professional quality.

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