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Transition Words & Phrases (2): Cause and Effect

By Homam, April 17 2024, 23:50
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Words and phrases that show a cause and effect relationship

There are some transition words and phrases that show a cause and effect relationship between ideas. In a cause and effect relationship, one action (the cause) makes another action happen (the effect).

These words and phrases introduce the cause:

since          because         because of          due to         as

Let's look at some examples together:

I always eat out because I hate cooking.

                   effect                               cause

Since the weather was so bad, we decided to cancel our plans. 

                               cause                                 effect

Here are transition words and phrases that introduce the effect:

so         thus        therefore       consequently        for this reason       as a consequence   

Some examples:

I hate cooking, so I always eat out.

The weather was terrible. For this reason, we canceled our plans.

Most of these words and phrases are used at the beginning of a sentence or clause:

Drivers shouldn't use cell phones because they are distracting.

It is dangerous to text while driving. Therefore, it should be illegal to use a cellphone while driving.

Since restaurant meals are expensive, it is better for the family budget to eat at home.

Many people are too busy to care for their elderly relatives at home. Consequently there is a growing need for nursing homes. 

Because of and due to are followed by a noun or gerund.

People usually gain weight because of lack of exercise. 

Some people don't have time to exercise because of working long hours. 

Due to the increase in prices, sales went down.

Practice: Rewrite each pair of sentences, linking the ideas with the transition word or phrase provided.

1. Effect: It is easy to stay informed about current events.

    Cause: The Internet provides us with instant access to news.

2. Cause: The Grand Hotel has comfortable rooms at reasonable rates.

    Effect: I always stay there when I'm in town.

3. Cause: Many websites contain information that isn't suitable for children.

    Effect: Parents should control how their children use the Internet.

4. Effect: Many farmers lost their crops.

    Cause: There was a severe drought in that region.

5. Cause: The rents are very high in this neighborhood.

    Effect: Many people can't afford to live here.

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